Chahat Arora

Chahat Arora

Program: PhD

Ms Chahat Arora is enrolled in PhD at the Max Institute of Medical Excellence and Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR).
Under the guidance of esteemed supervisors, including Dr. Vijay Kumar Chopra, Dr. Ritika Samaddar, Dr. Vinitaa Jha, and Dr. Swati Waghdhare, her research focuses on investigating the correlation between sleep quality, dietary factors, and the impact of dietary and lifestyle interventions on sleep improvement in patients with Cardiometabolic Syndrome within the GHRU North India Cohort. Her deep-rooted belief in the power of chemistry to transform healthcare has encouraged her to transition from the laboratory to the healthcare industry. Born and raised with an innate fascination for the world of medicinal chemistry and its profound impact on our daily lives, her academic journey has been a testament to her unwavering commitment to scientific exploration. With a passion for learning and growth, she has engaged in four significant research projects, each contributing to her development as a researcher. During her bachelor’s and master’s studies, she presented her research findings at several international conferences, showcasing her keen interest, active involvement, and insatiable curiosity about the latest advancements in science. In pursuit of her goal to make a meaningful impact on patient well-being, she has set her sights on addressing pressing health challenges, particularly Type-2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Cancer. Her approach is centered on discovering sustainable, approachable, and equitable solutions that can alleviate the burden of these conditions. Now, she has embarked on a new chapter by enrolling in the Ph.D. program at the Max Institute of Medical Excellence, supported by the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) in Noida, India.

Max Institute of Medical Excellence, India



Max Institute of Medical Excellence (MIME) is a highly regarded educational division of Max Healthcare Institute Ltd. It offers advanced medical training and education to medical and non-medical professionals to enhance their skills and competencies. MIME has been conducting programs that are meticulously crafted and benchmarked to the highest standards for the past 16 years. The vision of MIME is to create a unique institution that drives excellence in healthcare delivery through academic education and training by developing a highly skilled and committed workforce and by building a healthy society for future generations.

Max Healthcare is dedicated to promoting and supporting a strong culture of research and evidence-based medicine. Max Healthcare provides operational, administrative, scientific, academic, and technological support to researchers who wish to conduct clinical research. Max Healthcare has a well-established Division of Public Health, a Clinical Trials Unit, a Regulatory Office (with committees and accreditation), a Biostatistics Centre, a Grants Office, a Patent Unit, and a Biobank.

Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), Noida

Established in 2011 as an ‘Institution of National Importance’ (interim operations started in June 2010), the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) has adopted the mandate to create and train some of the best of tomorrow’s Science & Technology leaders through a combination of innovative and novel curricula, pedagogy and evaluation. AcSIR’s focus will be on imparting instruction and providing research opportunities in areas that are not routinely taught in regular academic universities in India.

AcSIR has been set up based on a ‘hub and Spoke’ model where the hub (AcSIR-HQ Ghaziabad) is responsible for centralised administrative functions. The spoke are located in the 38 institutes/units (AcSIR Academic Centres) and 14 non-CSIR Institutes (AcSIR Associate Academic Centres) spread along the length and breadth of India, which act as the academic campuses of AcSIR. In addition, AcSIR has collaborative academic programs with other national and international educational institutions.

Currently, the Academy has 2719 faculty members from CSIR Laboratories, around 6000 students enrolled in various programmes and 43 non-academic staff members.

AcSIR is listed in the Ministry of Education, Government of India’s website under “Institutions of National Importance” at Serial Number 148 (

Presently, AcSIR is ranked 2nd by “Scimago Institutions Rankings” (2022), 11th by “Nature Index” (2020-21) and 18th by “NIRF” (2022) in the Research Category among the academic institutions in India.

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