The animated video has been designed to facilitate community engagement of the resident population of over 300 primary health care sites across the five regions. The goal is to explain the benefits of screening for diabetes and cardiovascular disease and demonstrate the various measurements and tests conducted during the comprehensive health assessment. This health promotion tool has been conceived to ensure that the objectives and scope of the study are communicated clearly and accurately to the community at large and consenting participants.

Members of the community that seek health services at primary health care sites where the surveillance is ongoing were involved in the design process. The Patient and Public Engagement working group piloted the script and video in the five regions to understand the language, flow and key messages that were important for effective communication of the project in each context and the findings were collated. The animated video was also adapted to the local language, statistics, and organisational details to allow the communities a sense of ownership in the project. The video is also a tool for local leadership to advocate for participation in the project.

The involvement of the community in the design of this work highlighted the poor understanding in terms of the prevalence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and the importance of prevention, early diagnosis, and routine management.


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